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          Due to the coronavirus, we’re running with limited stock in our shop at the moment. Please bear with us. We hope to have it all up and running again as soon as we can.

          ISBN 978-1-913323-06-6
          Published April 2020
          Soft cover, 188 pages, full colour
          £12.99 RRP
          Special members’ price: £9.99 + postage


          Tortoise Quarterly | Edition 3

          This third Tortoise short book of long reads should have been launched at Tate Modern, but then the coronavirus intervened. The Tate galleries are closed and who knows when they, like many other things, will open again. So we hope you will wander instead among the exhibits of our own latest collection, all of which were commissioned and created before the world was gripped by the crisis.

          Contributors include Arifa Akbar, Peter Hanington, Yoletta Nyange, Derek Pringle, Ana Botín and Simon de Bruxelles


          Take a look at FUTURES – our collectable essay series by Frankie Boyle, Grace Campbell, Bidisha, Vinay Gupta and Sir Richard Lambert. Secure your beautiful editions now.

          Gift a Network membership

          We want to give everyone a seat at the table at Tortoise and are working with organisations to distribute our membership to people who don’t usually get a say in the news. These connecting partners include IntoUniversity, National Citizens Service and Frontline. Become a supporter of our network by donating memberships to these organisations. Read more here.

          ISBN 978-1-913323-05-9
          Published 10 November 2019
          Soft cover,?192 pages, full colour
          5 variant covers
          £12.99 RRP
          Special members’ price: £9.99 + postage


          Tortoise Quarterly | Edition 2

          The second edition of Tortoise Quarterly, our short book of long reads.?Motherland is a collection of stories that reflect on how we become who we are, from remembering lost parents and coming to terms with being one, to crafting an identity on-stage and on social media.

          Published 11 August 2019
          Soft cover
          192 pages, full colour
          10 variant covers
          £12.99 RRP
          Special members’ price: £9.99 + postage


          Tortoise Quarterly | Edition 1

          Tortoises may be slow moving but we have no fear of any journey, long or short, difficult or easy, pleasurable or painful. And we always get there in the end. This is another journey for us, our first official Short Book of Long Reads. Within these covers you’ll find journeys fantastical and formidable, funny and frightening; journeys of discovery and self-discovery, of love and heartbreak.

          Contributors include Simon Barnes, Matthew d’Ancona, Catherine Nixey, Lydia Hislop and Simon Esterson.

          Published 28 June 2019
          Soft cover
          96 pages, 10 ?full colour charts
          £9.99 + postage

          Defeated by Brexit

          Chris Cook

          Britain has been humiliated. In 2016, the country decided to leave the European Union, but three years later the nation’s future is unresolved. This is the inside story of how and why the UK failed in its efforts to negotiate an exit deal with the EU.

          Chris Cook is a partner and editor at Tortoise. He was previously public policy editor at BBC Newsnight, where he won three Royal Television Society awards for his journalism – including for an exposé of Kids Company and for Newsnight’s coverage of the Grenfell Tower fire. In 2019, he was named Specialist Journalist of the Year by the RTS for his work on harassment and bullying by members of parliament. He previously worked as executive comment editor, leader writer and education correspondent at the Financial Times.

          “Read this book, howl with rage and shake your head from time to time in sheer disbelief.Chris Patten

          “This mind-blowing book is a spiffing tale of a state spaffing away its culture of competence.” Fintan O’Toole, Irish Times

          Published 28 June 2019
          Soft cover
          92 pages, 56 full colour photos & maps
          £9.99 + postage

          Grandeur and greed

          The great galleries of Europe reviewed

          Giles Smith

          Many would say that the Louvre is the greatest art gallery in the world – but is it? Dominated by one immensely famous work, it can seem soulless and commercial. So we decided to review the museum, not just its contents, and then compare it with the experiences offered by some of the great galleries of Europe: the Uffizi in Florence, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Prado in Madrid, and the National Gallery in London. Giles Smith took on this arduous task.

          Giles Smith was a key member of the Eighties pop band The Cleaners from Venus, and is the author of one of the best books ever written about pop, Lost in Music.

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