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          London’s Future

          Post-Brexit, Post-Covid, How Does London Retain Its Premier Status?


          Our experience of how and where we live and work has been turned on its head as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, cities are being forced to address some of the most dramatic challenges of the 21st Century, including digitisation and disruption in the workplace, climate change, racial justice, the fading of physical retail, economic inequality, the delivery of mass transport systems and growing populations.

          Brockton Everlast, Fora, JLL and Tortoise Media are delighted to invite you to a series of digital discussions on London’s Future, launching in November and running through to February 2021.

          The series on London’s Future will bring together a totally unique mix of people from all sectors to discuss and propose practical ideas for London’s future. The series will address specific issues, and will cover:

          • Industries that London Needs to Focus On: Finance, Tech and What’s Next?
          • Food and Retail
          • Green Public Spaces; now as important as the buildings in-between?
          • Connectivity, Infrastructure and Transport
          • Culture, Leisure and Soft Power
          • Environment, Climate and Air Quality
          • Housing
          • Inequality and Migration
          • Government and Governance
          • Workplaces and the Future of Offices

          Over the course of the series, we will hear from, among others:

          • George Osborne, Former Chancellor of the Exchequer (2010-16), Editor-in-Chief of the London Evening Standard and Chair of the Northern Powerhouse
          • Richard Gnodde, CEO, Goldman Sachs International
          • Torsten Bell, Chief Executive, Resolution Foundation
          • Laura Citron, CEO, London & Partners
          • Baroness Martha Lane Fox, Board Director at Twitter, Chanel and The Donmar Warehouse
          • The Rt Hon. The Lord Mayor of London, Alderman William Russell
          • Dame Vivian Hunt, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co. and Chair of HRH Prince of Wales’ ‘Seeing Is Believing’ programme
          • Rosemary Leith, Co-founder of the World Wide Web Foundation and a Fellow at Harvard University
          • Doug Gurr, outgoing UK CEO of Amazon, ex-China CEO of Amazon, incoming Director of the Natural History Museum
          • Danny Rimer, Partner, Index Ventures
          • Robin Klein, Founder, LocalGlobe
          • Lord Simon Wolfson, Chief Executive, Next
          • Justin King, Non-Exec Director at Marks & Spencer plc and Former CEO of Sainsbury’s (2004–14)
          • Jeremy King, CEO, Corbin & King Restaurants
          • Tristram Hunt, Director, Victoria & Albert Museum
          • Dame Fiona Reynolds, former Chair of the National Trust, incoming Chair of the National Audit Office
          • Jan Gehl, Co-founder, Gehl Architects
          • Simon Allford, Co-founder, AHMM Architects and President of RIBA
          • Janan Ganesh, Washington correspondent, FT
          • Matthew d’Ancona, Tortoise Media
          • Dame Benita Refson, President, Place2Be
          • Georgia Gould, Leader of London Borough of Camden and Chair of London Councils

          This is a strictly invitation-only event for senior decision makers in the sphere of real estate, investing, tech, media and policy making.

          The sessions will start on Tuesday 10th November, from 5–6pm GMT, and run at the same time every subsequent Tuesday until December 8th. We will then recommence the series in January. 

          You can sign up to this Winter season of events on Eventbrite below. 

          We very much look forward to seeing you at (and hearing from you during) the events this winter.

          David Marks,
          Brockton Everlast

          Enrico Sanna,
          CEO, Fora

          Guy Grainger,
          EMEA CEO, JLL

          James Harding
          Co-founder, Tortoise

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          Industries that London Needs to Focus On: Finance, Tech and What’s Next?

          10 November 2020

          The pandemic has proved the greatest challenge to London since the Second World War. London has recovered and reinvented itself before, and will do so again. How will the city recover and make its living? What sectors will emerge as the winners?

          Food and Retail

          17 November 2020

          Many London high streets had been struggling long before the Coronavirus crisis, as shoppers have moved online and rents had proved unaffordable. The restaurant sector has faced prolonged shutdowns, restrictions and increased costs. What is the future for the capital’s many and diverse high streets, and the restaurants that employ thousands of Londoners?

          Connectivity, Infrastructure and Transport

          24 November 2020

          Crossrail, Crossrail Two – there’s lots in the London transport pipeline. What infrastructure does London really need? How will Govt. decide to fund these plans, how long can London wait before they are delivered and will they meet the demand?

          Green Public Spaces; now as important as the buildings in-between?

          1 December 2020

          Green spaces became a lifeline for millions of Londoners over the past few months. Will the pandemic experience make us all reconsider the importance of protecting, improving and expanding London’s green spaces? How do we make green infrastructure just as important to the city as its grey infrastructure?

          Culture, Leisure and Soft Power

          8 December 2020

          How can our museums, cinemas, theatres and arts recover? These sectors are an important part of London’s economy and they need the support of Govt. in order to survive. Will they receive it?

          The London’s Future series is pleased to be supporting the following charitable organisations: The 1928 Project, Place2Be, Trees for Cities and The Eve Appeal

          More events to be announced.