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          tortoise network

          The news is what we all make it.

          The problem: The divide between the powerful and the powerless is widening. Information inequality is rife. For democracy to work, the news media needs to be more democratic.

          The solution: Giving everyone a seat at the table won’t happen by itself.?The Tortoise Network is a new membership funding model that ensures Tortoise journalism is open to the people who are hardest for news platforms to reach, but whose voices we most need to hear.

          We find the people our newsroom is missing.

          We monitor the demographic and attitudinal profile of our whole membership base to spot the ones that are under represented. Typically, people who are unseen and unheard by the media, and people working for change on the front lines in different communities.

          We work with Connectors to invite them in.

          Our Network of not-for-profits, NGOs and charities with deep roots in local communities across the UK introduce us to the types of people we’d struggle to reach ourselves, and support and encourage them to contribute to our journalism.

          “Giving young people a chance to join a conversation about the world they live in, no matter who they are or where they are from, is a brilliant way to engage them in debates and to build confidence in their own voices.”

          Michael Lynas
          Chief Executive, NCS Trust

          “We believe in a country where everyone can have an equal say. Being part of the Tortoise Network means being part of a conversation, where we can challenge ideas and seek to find common ground on often divisive issues.”

          Tabitha Morton
          CEO, More United

          Other Connectors

          All made possible by the generosity of our Supporters.

          Quality journalism doesn’t come for free. The third crucial link in the Network are the Tortoise patrons, businesses and foundations who believe in the power of information equality. They commit to funding from 100 to 1000 Tortoise memberships at £50 per member per year.

          “We wanted to support the Tortoise Network because healthy societies should engage in shared conversations, open to all, about issues that matter.”


          “Too often conversations are happening in echo chambers. We want to support Tortoise because they are bursting the bubble of news by opening up their membership to truly diverse groups.”


          “We’re committed to supporting more inclusive, honest and better-informed conversations that can make a real difference.”


          Other supporters

          get in touch

          Be part of the
          tortoise network

          Thanks to the generous support of our patrons and founding Supporters, the Network launched with 3,500 funded memberships. We’re always looking for individuals, businesses, foundations and charities to help us expand further.

          If you’d like to find out more about becoming a supporter or a connector, please write to gurjinder@tortoisemedia.com.

          If you’d like to join Tortoise as a member, you can apply to receive one of the memberships funded by our supporters. We especially welcome applications from people who are on low incomes or currently receiving benefits, and/or people working for change on the frontline of their communities. Please write to networkapplication@tortoisemedia.com and tell us a bit about yourself, why you want to be part of Tortoise and what you’d bring to our ThinkIns.

          About Tortoise

          Our story

          Hear the people who founded Tortoise explain why they think this matters.


          Tortoise members contribute to our journalism at ThinkIns – live events held (almost) daily across the UK.