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          Indexing our world

          Tortoise Intelligence uncovers stories in big datasets; this is investigative journalism in its purest form. We produce indices to expose and monitor important forces, prompting behavioural change across businesses and government.

          Our indices

          The Responsibility100 Index

          A ranking of the FTSE 100 companies?on their contribution towards the?UN Sustainable Development Goals, measuring?their commitment to key social, environmental and ethical objectives such as carbon reduction, gender equality and good business practices.

          The Global AI Index

          Is the world ready for AI? Who’s winning the global AI race?
          As governments and industries try to keep pace, our flagship index is the first to benchmark countries on AI innovation and implementation.

          Our team

          Tortoise Intelligence is led by Alexandra Mousavizadeh, who has more than 20 years’ experience in ratings and indices.

          Her team’s expertise in data analysis is amplified by renowned specialists brought in to advise on each index, as well as Tortoise’s team of world-class journalists.

          “An index can be a roadmap for driving real change in the world, helping policy makers to reset their ambition and goals”
          – Alexandra Mousavizadeh

          Alexandra Mousavizadeh


          Alex Clark

          Data Journalist

          Andrew Haynes

          Data Scientist

          Alice Thwaite


          Luke Gbedemah



          Growth Manager

          Our network

          Each of our indices brings together not only data, but experts at the forefront of what we’re investigating.

          We’re a platform for the exchange of ideas and debate – and contantly passing on insight to Tortoise’s members through ThinkIns and podcasts.

          Our insight

          We’ll report our findings as we build each index and share them with Tortoise’s newsroom. Along with ThinkIns and podcasts, expect data visualisations, long reads and newsletters.

          Here are some of our latest stories and events.