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          Hello. Welcome to Tortoise.

          Someone has kindly given you a year’s membership. How exciting.

          Enter your special invite code when prompted to start your membership.

          As a member you get all this


          Unlimited access to live, interactive events with extraordinary guests. As a member you can come to as many as you like

          Files and long reads

          Slow down and wise up with investigative journalism from award-winning writers

          Slow Newscast

          Stories designed for audio so you can listen when and how you want

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          Delivered to your inbox or direct to the members app once a day. Clear, calm analysis on the stories that matter most right now


          Where can I find my code?

          You should have received a unique code in an email from us when your friend sent you the gift. If you can’t find the email, check with your friend that their purchase went through, or get in touch with us. Make sure you refresh this page to prompt the pop-up to show – this is where you need to enter your code.

          How long do I have to redeem my code?

          You have a whole year to set up your membership from the moment your friend purchased it, but the sooner the better – we’re releasing new stories and holding new ThinkIns up and down the country every week.

          When will my membership run out?

          Your membership will last one year from when you sign up here. As that date approaches, we’ll get in touch to let you know your membership is up for renewal. You can then either renew yourself, or, if you’re feeling lucky, forward it on to the person who purchased your gift membership.