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          Tortoise network

          Hello. We’re Tortoise and we need your help.

          Here’s the problem: news has become noise. Fake, junk, partial, biased. 

          The divide between the powerful and the powerless is widening. More of us are feeling locked out, anxious and frankly, exhausted.

          Together, we can build a totally different kind of news.

          We’d love you to join us. We need your voice, your story and your ideas – along with those of thousands of people from all walks of life, right across the UK – to inform our journalism for a year.

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          Unlimited access to live, interactive events with extraordinary guests. As a member you can come to as many as you like

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          Slow down and wise up with investigative journalism from award-winning writers

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          Stories designed for audio so you can listen when and how you want

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